Amir Azulay


Amir was born on  August 14th 1969  in Israel where he lived and worked till the year 2000.

He left Israel  that same year  with his wife Tamar on a journey to India, leaving behind a well-established business of 7 years. After three years of study and exposure to diverse disciplines aimed at expanding consciousness, they joined the International township of Auroville in South India, where the years of research into a deeper, more integral approach to education had given birth to the Awareness Through the Body (ATB) Program in Auroville schools.

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During the following years, Amir was trained as an ATB facilitator under the guidance of the founders of this approach, Aloka Marti and Joan Sala. Since then he has focused on the ATB practice and teaching ATB to children in the Auroville schools, as well as offering workshops to adults.


Today, Amir is focused on reaching out with this discipline into wider India, Israel and South Africa. He says about ATB:

“The experience of ATB offers a space where we can deepen our capacity for relaxed, sustained attention, expanding awareness of our whole being; a space, which supports the expansion of our wider sense of self; a space to explore ways to better use ourselves in our daily lives and experiences.


I see ATB as a tool that aspires to facilitate a process of inner growth, to allow a chain of changes to unfold and manifest for a better life, and a better planet.”


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