Sébastien Rabbé

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Born in 1976 in the Oise. He studied languages ​​and literature and later theater at the University, but his activities as a musician and actor led him to devote himself entirely to experimentation and creation. In 2002 he founded a theater company in the popular districts of the Parisian suburbs. It is with the Compagnie pour l’Artisanat des menteurs, that he explores world’s wisdom tales, a wide variety of performing arts disciplines and unseen meeting contexts for the theater; a theater that ranges from the intimate to the universal, from great epics to the life of cities.

His research on the work of the actor and the staging develops with the creations of the company, and through training given by actors and pedagogues from the theater of Peter Brook. (Jean-Paul Denizon and Tapa Sudana)

Over the years, his skills are aimed at specific audiences more for personal development needs than for artistic achievement. The same goes for the children with whom he works aiming especially to promote the development of presence, sensitivity, the relationship between body-thought-emotions, and collective creation in joy and responsibility.

When he discovered ATB in 2015, for the most part, the tools and fields of exploration were familiar to him, but according to Sébastien: «ATB’s way of working offers remarkable precision for improving again and again ones personal work as well as the quality of the “facilitations” of Awareness Through the Body. «

He is a certified ATB facilitator and trainer for modules 1 & 2.